Oct 23, 2007

Jamat celebrates Independence Day in India

Jamat celebrates Independence Day in India

Sixty years and she's seen it all - happiness and sorrow, love and hate, poverty and riches. And her citizens celebrated this milestone across the country.
The National Scouting Guiding Development Committee of the Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board for India organised Independence Day celebrations in many centres including Byculla, Hasanabad, Bandra, Surat and Hyderabad, which were attended by hundreds of people.
These annual celebrations, with the objectives to reaffirm one’s love and loyalty to the nation, to commit to one’s role in civil society, to ignite the spirit of patriotism and exist together as a pluralistic society, was attended by members and leaders of the Jamat, volunteers and at some venues, prominent citizens and government officials.
In Dahisar, Mumbai, the celebration began with the scouts and guides reciting a prayer, followed by the flag-raising ceremony and singing national anthem of India. The marching band then performed the salaam (salutation). The invited dignitaries were escorted to the cubs and bulbuls (junior boy and girl scouts) horse-shoe formation, where the Cubs and Bulbuls extended their salute by the way of Cub Howl and Grand Salute respectively.
At the Mumbai and other centres, many reflected on the struggle and sacrifices of thousands of people that led to independence. They highlighted the road to independence and the tremendous changes that the country has witnessed over the last 60 years.Cultural shows were organised at some centres by the scouts and guides troops and included popular and classical dances that are common in different parts of India. All these activities communicated the message of “unity in diversity." Towards the culmination of the event in Mumbai, there was a display by the marching band and the singing of patriotic songs that entertained the gathering.
The Independence Day events invigorated and re-ignited the spirit of patriotism in the Jamat who are proud to be citizens of India and share with her the journey forward.

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