Jul 11, 2009

Imamat Day Sms Greetings.

"Imamat day Mubarak to u and ur family."

"Having god in your boat does mean that you will not face any starm,but it means that no storm can sink your boat,imamat day mubarak"

"may D showrof petals of Luv,care,mercy & Grace Frm Garden of God's,Paradise Fill ur Life wit Infinite Peace & Prosperity.Imamt Day Mubarak"

"Moula's Lov has no Limits,his Grace hs no Measure & his powr hs no Boundiries.May U hv Maulas Endless Blessings 2days n everyday,Imamat day Mubarak"

"Imaan ka Balance Full ho jaye,Farz ka coverage milta rahe,gunah ka switch off ho jay,aur sab gunah Delete ho jaye" Imamat day Mubark.

"May God give u a rainbow 4 every Storm,A smile 4 every Tear,A Promise every care & An answer to Every Prayers"-Imamat day Mubarak

"Faiths Make everything Possible,hope Makes everything work,Love makes Everything Beautiful May u Have all d 3 as u being Each day wish u "Imamat dayMubarak"

"1st of the joys in life is waking up today with thoughts that somewhere,some1 cares enough 2 Send u & ur Familya warm Wishing 4 Imamt dinMubarak"

I've deposite duas,Love,joy,prosperity.peace,laughter & all Blessing inti your Bank A/c use unlimited.the pincod is imamat day Mubarak

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  1. Imamat day mubaraki to all brother & sister to all the ismaiies around the world

  2. Imamat day Mubarak to all Ismalis around the world, May Mawla bless everybody with good health,happiness ,prosperity and lots of barakat. Amen


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