Mar 28, 2008

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The Secret of Godby Rumi
Everywhere the secret of God is coming, see how the people are coming uncontrollably;
From him for whom all souls are a-thirst, to the thirsty the cry of the water carrier is coming.
They are milk drinkers of divine generosity, and are on the watch to see from whence the mother is coming.
They are in separation, and all are waiting to see whence union and encounter are coming.
From Moslems, Jews, and Christians alike every dawn the sound of prayer is coming;
Blessed is that intelligence whose heart's ear from heaven the sound of "Come hither" is coming.
Keep your ear clean of scum, for a voice is coming from heaven;
The defiled ear hears not that sound, only the deserving gets his deserts.
Defile not your eye with human cheek and mole, for that Emperor of eternal life is coming;
And if it has become defiled, wash it with tears, for the cure comes from those tears.
A caravan of sugar has arrived from Egypt; the sound of footfall and bells is coming.
Ha, be silent, for to complete the ode, our speaking King is coming.

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