Apr 23, 2008

Bridging Legal Modernity and Tradition in Muslim Contexts

Mohamed Keshavjee, a scholar and lawyer who also serves as a member of the Institute’s Board of Governors, spoke on the merits of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) by Muslim communities as a dynamic field for the mediation of modernity and tradition. The talk was held at the Institute on 8 April 2008 as part of the series entitled, Contemporary Islam(s) and Muslims.
Mr Keshavjee began by explaining ADR as a process that takes place when two or more people or institutions in a dispute seek to broker a solution without going through the state-based formal legal system. A third party intervener can help them arrive at a negotiated settlement, but the degree of control the third party can exert depends on the method that is used - ranging from arbitration to mediation and conciliation. ADR can be used for many situations such as divorce, maintenance and employment

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