Aug 17, 2008

Historic Sites and Cities Revitalisation Projects in Syria

The fortified entrance of the Citadel of Aleppo. Involvement in Syria commenced in 1999 in response to a request to AKHCP from the Syrian Directorate of Antiquities and Museums to provide technical assistance for the conservation and reuse of a number of historic citadel sites in the country. The Citadels of Aleppo and Masyaf and the Castle of Salah ad-Din were selected.
Each site presented a different set of challenges. The Citadel of Aleppo rises majestically above the ancient city of Aleppo and is one of the foremost monuments of the Islamic world. Inside the walls, a long history of bombardments, pillage and earthquakes had taken its toll. Conservation focused on a number of key areas that had a spatial or historic coherence: the Ayyubid Palace complex, the western section of the Citadel crown and the main surrounding walls.

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