Aug 20, 2008

MHI Golden Jubilee Syria Visit Venue

Aug 26
Salamieh - Agricultural School, Hama Str.
Syrian and International Jamat

Aug 27
Khawabi - Kharbat Al Faras Village
Khawabi Jamat

Panorama of Salamieh from 'Ain Al Zarqa' (photo: Karim Valimohamed)Given the limited facilities and extreme environmental conditions, members of the International Jamat who are ill or in need of special care are advised not to participate in this event.
Darbar sites:Traditionally, the Darbars in Syria are organised in open air locations exposed to strong sunlight and extreme temperatures. Expect to be in direct sunlight for as much as six hours.
Entering the Darbar siteInternational visitors who are not accompanied by a local host or who have not received their darbar badge should assemble at the designated meeting point at Al-Hussain Jamatkhana in Salamieh, from where they shall be escorted to the Darbar site. To ensure the Jamat’s comfort and safety, each person will be required to undergo a security screening upon entering the Darbar site. Bags and purses may be inspected.
Identification International Jamati members will be provided with a badge with instructions in Arabic to allow others to assist you in case you are lost. Please carry your identification with you at all times.Parents should ensure that their children have a document (in Arabic) with the parent’s name, contact details, a list of any allergies or medical conditions the child may have.
Photo IdentificationJamati members will be required to have valid photo identification at the Darbar site. Valid photo IDs include:
National ID Cards
Drivers License
Prohibited ItemsThe Security Task force reserves the right to restrict items allowed at the Darbar site. In general, electronic devices and any items deemed dangerous or hazardous, such as sharp objects and lighters, will not be permitted.
Specifically, the following items are prohibited at the Darbar site:
Cellular / Mobile phones
Paging devices
Audio recorders
Video recorders and cameras
Electronic video games
iPods, CD, MP3, and other music/video players
Pocket PCs and Laptop Computers
If any of the above items are found, you will be requested to deposit them with the On-site Security Team. You can expect that items will not be available until several hours after the event as exiting the site will take approximately two hours.
Unopened, sealed, or wrapped parcels will not be permitted in the Darbar site.
Recording or photography of any kind is strictly prohibited within the Darbar site.
Health InformationThe International Jamat is advised to carry the following at all times for each family member, in case of emergency:
Health Insurance Card
Local contact
Name and contact information of closest relative and/or next of kin
Name and phone number of family doctor
List of allergies
List of current medications being taken (prescription and non-prescription)
Epi-pens, blood glucose meter, sugar diary, etc. (as required)
List of medical conditions
Tips for staying well during the event:
Drink plenty of water.
Stand up and stretch periodically.
Notice signs of exhaustion in yourself, your family members, and those around you.
If you feel sick, please let someone know and seek the assistance of a medical professional.
ChairsA limited number of chairs are available and will only be made available on a first come first served basis to those that have registered with their Local Council or through the website.
Temporary WheelchairsAssistance will be provided throughout the venue, including from the entrances and between the seating and restroom areas, to transport members of the Jamat who are not permanently in wheelchairs.
Permanent WheelchairsMembers of the Jamat who require the permanent use of a wheelchair are requested to bring their own wheelchair.For each person who is in a permanent wheelchair, one family member or caretaker accompanying that person will be permitted to sit in the area designated for permanent wheelchairs.Individuals will not be able to reserve seats for others.
Medical Needs and RequirementsDoctors will be on site to assist members of the Jamat in need of emergency medical care and first aid. Individuals who have medical conditions should ensure that they carry their medication. If there are family members who are terminally ill or in hospice and would like to participate in the Darbar please inform the Local Council office as soon as possible to discuss the necessary process.Jamati members with medical conditions that will require special attention should contact their Local Council office to discuss appropriate arrangements.Individuals with chronic illnesses or who are on prescribed medication are advised to maintain an adequate supply of medication. Such individuals are encouraged to carry copies of all prescriptions along with doctor’s name and contact information and where appropriate, Medic-Alert bracelets, EpiPen, etc.
Medical Facilities and First AidHealth care services will be available at two Health Centres located at the venue. Medical professionals can be accessed in three distinct areas:
For minor medical issues or to report a medical event, ask the volunteer closest to you to call the floating medical team. This team is readily available to triage and treat minor medical problems.
Two Clinics will serve minor medical conditions requiring on-the-spot treatment such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, stomachaches, backache, etc. Doctors will serve a higher level of medical problems such as breathing difficulties, chest pains, loss of consciousness, seizure disorders, etc. Patients seen in the Care Center who require hospitalization will be transported via ambulance.
Finally, there is a designated area for Syrian Jamati members who require constant medical attention. Special arrangements were made with the Local Council prior to the Darbar.
Medical care and assistance are provided by volunteers on a voluntary basis. In the event of hospitalization or administration of medical treatment by any health care provider, individuals are personally responsible for all financial obligations incurred. The Council for Syria is not liable for any health care assistance or any related financial costs. Members of the Jamat are, therefore, strongly advised to obtain health and travel insurance.
Expectant MothersChair seating arrangements have been made for expectant mothers who so desire. Please indicate this when you register so that chair arrangements can be made if required. If any further accommodations are needed, please contact your Local Council office or the International registration team.
Child Care and Baby AreasThe following items will be permitted in the Darbar site:
Baby Diapers
Milk Bottles
Baby Food
NO arrangements have been made to store strollers during the Darbar.Babysitting services will not be offered.
Weather Conditions:The month of August is the height of summer in Syria, with daytime temperatures that are consistently extreme. These pose a severe challenge for the elderly, infirm and sick, and we specifically recommend that Jamati members in these categories should avoid travelling to Syria.

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