Aug 21, 2008

Salamieh Syria Map

Point C: Salamieh centre where Homs street (south), Hama street (north west) and Thawra street (east) intersect. Point 1: Local Council of Salamieh and the mausoleum of Prince Aly Khan (0.5 km south west from centre)Point 2: Darbar site – Al zeraa (Agricultural School), located on 1.5 km west of city centre on Hama road. Point 3: Al-Hussaini Jamatkhana, near the AKES language center (Rawdah) 1.75 km north east of Salamieh centre, where the Registration Centre is situated, Point 4: Imam Ismail Mosque, where tomb of Imam Radiyyidin Abdallah is located (0.5 km from city centre)>

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