Oct 26, 2008

Muslim Spaces of Worship and Gathering

While the mosque is the site most often associated with Muslim expressions of piety, there are a range of spaces used by Muslim communities – Shi‘a and Sunni – for their worship and gathering. These range from the ashurkhana and zawiya to the khanqah and tekke. While some of these spaces are specific to particular Muslim communities, others are clustered geographically or are prominent amongst particular cultural groups. This gallery, based on fieldwork in nine countries, showcases the richness and diversity of the Muslim umma through the diversity of the spaces used for expressions of piety.

Geographical Distribution of Images
The Mosque
Spaces of Personal Retreat
Spaces to Commemorate the Martyrdom of Imam Husayn
The Cemevi
The Jamatkhana
The Mevlevihane
The Khanqah and Zawiya

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