Nov 21, 2008

Civic participation and institutional expertise assist villages in Tajikistan to prepare for natural disaster

A FOCUS Community Mobiliser meets with community members in the Roshqala district in 2004, to discuss the results of a hazard and vulnerability assessment. Photo: Courtesy of FOCUS
“I know that my family and I are living in one of the most hazardous villages in the Bartang valley — mudflows occur here very often,” says 20-year-old Shabnam. She lives in the village of Shudjand, located at the entrance of the Bartang Valley in Rushan district, within Tajikistan’s mountainous Gorno-Badakhshan province.
Thousands of families living in Tajikistan experience earthquakes and other hazards throughout the year that impact their lives and livelihoods. Avalanches, mudslides and flooding frequently cut off transport links and disrupt communication lines, leaving communities stranded and unable to access emergency assistance.
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