Nov 20, 2008

New IIS Publication on Philosophy in Persia

November 2008

An Anthology of Philosophy in Persia, Volume 2: Ismaili Thought in the Classical Age, is the second in this multi-volume work presenting an overview of the tradition of philosophical thought in Persia that has continued for over two and a half millennia. Compiled, edited and introduced by S. H. Nasr and M. Aminrazavi, this volume deals with what may be considered the ‘Golden Age’ of Ismaili philosophy.
In the early centuries of Islam, Ismaili philosophy stands out amongst schools of great significance. Ismaili Shi‘ism began to formulate its philosophical teachings earlier than any other form of Shi‘ism and, like other Shi‘i philosophical traditions, highlights the central role of ‘aql or intellect.

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