Dec 3, 2008

AKDN Speaker Series

The AKDN Speaker Series is an initiative of the Golden Jubilee Nazrana International Task Force, with support from the Ismaili Councils for Canada and the United States. It is intended to inform the Jamat about volunteer opportunities for those who wish to offer a nazrana of time and knowledge (TKN).
Each event in the series is delivered through a live webcast, and affords the Jamat a chance to learn about a specific institution — its vision, objectives, projects, and opportunities — as well as to submit questions to the speaker.
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TKN opportunities with the AKHS, AKPBS and AKES

Dr Gijs WalravenDirector, Aga Khan Health Services and Aga Khan Planning and Building Services Mr Mirza Mohamed PardhanDirector, Aga Khan Education Services
Wednesday, 3 December 20089:00 PM Eastern Time (GMT -5)
The speakers will give a short presentation followed by a question and answer session with participants.
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