Jan 19, 2009

Al Muayyad fid din al Shirazi -(Source- Amaana.org)

Calligraphy in Arabic Script denoting the Basmallah in Bird Shape

Electronic rendition and graphics by Nina Jaffer

Article by Mohamed Adra

In history this great Ismaili dai and poet is well known by his title 'Al-Mu'ayyad-fid-Din and sometimes merely as 'Al-Muayyad'. The Syrian poet and philosopher Abul-a'la-Muarri, in his correspondence with the dai has addressed him as Sayyidna al-rais al-ajall al Mu'ayyad fid-din . Nasir-i Khusraw calls him Khwaja al-Mu'ayyad. In one of his poems in his diwan he says:

ki kard at khatir-i Khwaja Muayyad,
dar-i Hikmat Kushada bar tu yazdan.

"God has opened a new world of wisdom for you through the teaching of Khwaja al-Muayyad."2

Read More @ http://www.amaana.org/ISWEB/muayy1.htm

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