Apr 7, 2009

Alyssa Jaffer - Ismaili Student Makes it to Top 8 in the Country in Zinch Scholarship Competition

Alyssa Jaffer Student Thank you very much for your votes in the previous rounds. Alyssa has advanced to the top 8 in the country for the Zinch Scholarship Competition.

Voting for the next three rounds will last five days each so please come back and vote each time to help her advance to the top. Thanks again!

Please help an Ismaili youth win a $20,000 scholarship!

1. Go to www.Zinch.com

2. Click 'sign up' at the top

3. Create a username and password

4. Check your email from Zinch. Click 'confirm'

5. In the new window, log in with your username and password

6. Enter in this link: http://www.zinch.com/Voting/ViewMatchUp.aspx?gid=111

7. Click 'vote' under Alyssa Jaffer's profile. Thank you!

Please vote during this round today! It is ending tomorrow morning 8am PST (Monday April 6th).

If Alyssa makes it through this round, then there will be a new round of competition for the FINAL 4 and it will last five days during which you vote in the new round with an updated link. Please spread the word!

Thanks and Ya Ali Madad!


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