Apr 16, 2009

The Light of Allah By Nina Nazneen Jaffer

The Light of Allah

By Nina Nazneen Jaffer

"Allah was a mystery...
'I was a hidden treasure
And yearned to be known,
Therefore I created the world' 1

He created man
And breathed of His spirit unto him
Now, He is more of a mystery...

We are told 'Allah is everywhere'
Yet He is nowhere to be seen.

Ikra! Read! I search...

'I'm closer than your jugular vein'
He reveals in the Holy Quran
I search for a hidden message and find:

'Light upon Light, Allah guides to His
Light whom He pleases' 2

Alhamdulillah, I thank Allah
For including me in the community
That is guided by the Light
Sent with Prophet Muhammad
As a mercy to mankind
Our Intercessor on the Day of Judgement
Our beloved Imam-e-Zaman

Allahuma salle Allah
Muhammadin wa Aley Muhammad"

1. Hadith Kudsi
2. Quran 24:35


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