Jun 1, 2009

Benefits of local coffee house ripple through Old Town Mombasa

A few minutes’ walk from historic Fort Jesus, along the narrow streets of Old Town Mombasa is a little gem of a place that radiates the hopefulness of a new generation. Its founders choose to look beyond the fray of individualistic pursuit, and are making a praiseworthy effort to improve the lives of the community amongst which they live.

The Jahazi Coffee House is the brainchild of three teachers at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa. It is a meeting place where young and old, rich and poor, residents and visitors alike, enjoy tea, coffee, snacks or a meal, and engage in a rigorous exchange of ideas and opinions.

Beyond the traditional Swahili fare and the authentic “Old Town experience,” what is inspirational about this endeavour is the spirit in which the founders have conceptualised and nurtured it. They have shown that, often enough, making a difference in the world needn’t come with a big price tag. It simply requires common purpose, an engaged imagination and a bounty of spirit.
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