Jun 13, 2009

London exhibition provides insight into the life and legacy of a prominent Persian ruler

Detail of Shah Abbas as depicted on the wall of Chihil Sutun Palace, Isfahan, c. 1647. Photo: Ebrahim Khadem Bayat

A major exhibition on the life and legacy of the Safavid Emperor Shah Abbas I, who ruled Persia from 1587 – 1629, is on at the British Museum in London until 14 June 2009. Coinciding with the thirtieth anniversary of the Iranian Revolution, Shah Abbas: The Remaking of Iran has attracted international attention and provides a historical and cultural introduction to Persian culture, the Safavid Empire and Twelver Shia doctrine and thought. It also situates Persian achievement within the larger context of events in Britain, Continental Europe and India in the same period.

In conjunction with the British Museum, The Institute of Ismaili Studies organised a three-day conference alongside the exhibition. People of the Prophet's House: Art, Architecture and Shi‘ism in the Islamic World gathered scholars from a diverse field of disciplines and historical periods working on aspects of Shi‘i Islam from Senegal and Syria to Morocco and Yemen.

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