Oct 23, 2009

A rich history of the Scout Movement in Portugal -

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Emblem of the Scout Movement in Portugal. Photo: Courtesy of Ismaili Council for Portugal
Emblem of the Group 36 Scout troop in Portugal. Photo: Courtesy of Ismaili Council for Portugal
Founded by Lord Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell in 1907, Scouting is a worldwide movement with the aim of supporting young people to play a more constructive role in society by investing in their physical, mental and spiritual development. The current Ismaili Scout programme in Portugal can trace its origins to the Mozambique Jamat having been introduced by Akbaraly Nordin and Gulamali Rawjee in 1934. In 1974 the Group was discontinued with the migration of the Jamat to Portugal, although the Scouting spirit never ceased. In April 1976, led by Scout Chiefs Nizarali Guiga and Nurala Nurdin, the tradition was revived with the establishment of Group 36 of the Portugal Scouts Association, .

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