May 29, 2010

Speech at the Foundation Ceremony of the Ismaili Centre, Toronto, the Aga Khan Museum and their Park


Prime Minister Harper,Madame Clarkson,Honourable Ministers,Excellencies,Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Let me begin by expressing my profound appreciation for the great honour which this country has paid to me today by extending this generous gift of Honorary Canadian Citizenship.

I have been deeply moved by your gracious gesture — which I also regard as a tribute to the institution of the Ismaili Imamat, which I represent. It is a significant recognition of the values which our community of faith shares with the people of Canada.
Je suis très profondément touché par l’immense honneur que vous m’avez si généreusement accordé, à moi personnellement et à l’Imamat Ismaili.
Mr Prime Minister, I have always felt very much at home in Canada, but never more so than at this moment.
It also means a great deal to me that all of you can be here today. This Foundation Ceremony marks a particularly important moment for my family and me — and such moments take on added meaning when they can be shared with colleagues and friends, and with so many men and women whom I deeply admire.

The projects we celebrate have been in the development process, as you may know, for some time — and perhaps, if I may say so, for a somewhat longer time than some of us may have expected! But I have learned that sometimes a bit of extra patience in the planning process can lead to even wider opportunities — and that is precisely what happened in this case.

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