May 25, 2010

Update from Focus Humanitarian Assistance

 17 May 2010 — Focus Humanitarian Assistance (FOCUS) would like to provide the Jamat with a brief follow-up update on its collaboration with Jamati institutions, Aga Khan Development Network agencies and Pakistan’s national agencies in response to the devastating landslide that occurred in the Attabad village of Hunza Valley in Pakistan on 4 January 2010.
The landslide adversely impacted the three villages of Attabad, Sarat and Ahmadabad, with 19 casualities, 2 missing persons and 7 severely injured people, in addition to the 170 households that were displaced. At the time of the disaster, FOCUS deployed Search and Rescue Teams and Disaster Assessment Response Teams to initiate search and rescue operations. Further, with the assistance and cooperation of various AKDN agencies as well as the Ismaili Council for Pakistan, food, relief and temporary shelters in Central Hunza were provided to the displaced communities.

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