Jun 17, 2010

Five-part international news programme sheds new light on human trafficking

It is believed to be one of the fastest growing forms of organised crime in the world, though most people ignore it or are simply unaware. But through a five-part series currently being aired on BBC World Television, executive producer Faridoun Hemani and researcher Jazzmin Jiwa hope to change that. They assert that human trafficking is “a modern form of slavery.”
Human Trafficking is an invisible crime, yet it touches us every day,” says Hemani, a former war correspondent who has worked with major news broadcasters like CNN and ABC News. In 1997 he formed Linx Productions, an independent producer of TV news and documentaries. “Trafficked people could be cleaning our homes and offices, making the clothes we buy, growing the food we eat — we are totally unaware.”

More @ >>> http://www.theismaili.org/cms/1004/


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