Jun 8, 2010

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Recipe: Mkluba

Feast your eyes on this Syrian creation of layered meat, aubergines and rice, cooked in a tomato flavoured sauce. It makes a perfect dinner party or weekend meal and the best news is that there’s not a red traffic light in sight!
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Recipe: Hondwo
A traditional Hondwo is handy when you are expecting guests home for tea. Try this recipe — it’s been made healthier by the addition of carrots, cabbage and peas, cooked in flavoursome spices that help you use less salt.
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Recipe: Kibbi

You may be familiar with kebabs but have you tried kibbi? This minced lamb (or beef) is cooked with pine nuts and then coated in a flavoursome pastry made from spiced meat and wheat. Simply brush with oil and bake in the oven – no more smells of deep frying in your kitchen!
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Recipe: Tabouleh – Parsley Salad
A salad isn’t just about lettuce and cucumber. This classic Middle Eastern dish combines vibrant green parsley and fragrant mint with bulgur wheat, which is a slowly digested, healthy carbohydrate. Serve it guilt-free with grilled meats or fish.
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Healthy eating, West African style

The continent of Africa is steeped in tribal and ethnic diversity. Its geographic regions in the west, east, north and south vary in language, religion and even cuisine. If you enjoy West African cooking, here are some tips to help you prepare nutritious traditional foods for your family.
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