Dec 29, 2011

Shaping the world around them through grassroots service.

Through voluntary service or seva, individuals can reshape the world around them to create a better future for others. In many parts of the world, Ismaili Muslims have pooled resources to assist those in need. Through dedicated contributions of time and means, they often create a legacy of hope and a better future for those whom they serve.

A tooth at a time According to Dr Nooredin Nurani, oral hygiene is both a cause and effect of a good standard of living. The dentist runs an annual event in Atlanta, where he offers free dental treatment — cleaning, fillings, and extractions — to the community at large. Since 2006, his office has provided over $150,000 dollars of free dental care to hundreds of individuals.
“Our event is always on the first Saturday after Labor Day,” says Dr Nurani. “It’s our labour of love!”


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