Apr 28, 2008

Prince Amyn inaugurates the Ismaili Economic Forum

Prince Amyn Aga Khan addresses the delegates at the opening of the Ismaili Economic Forum in Dubai. Photo: Ally Production Fze
Dubai, 27 April 2008 — The Ismaili Economic Forum (IEF), a Golden Jubilee International Programme, was opened by Prince Amyn yesterday, amidst an unprecedented international gathering of Ismaili economic and business leaders.
Approximately 270 delegates, representing the Jamats of some 25 countries, are participating in the three-day conference being held at the Ismaili Centre Dubai.
Focusing on the theme of Strategic Business Alliances, the conference seeks to encourage Ismaili entrepreneurs to come together to form partnerships and alliances, thereby collaborating on economic opportunities and addressing common challenges. The IEF further promotes social responsibility as going hand-in-hand with economic progress, a philosophy espoused by AKDN agencies such as the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development and the Aga Khan Agency for Microfinance.
Prince Amyn speaks with IEF delegates at the Ismaili Centre Dubai. Photo: Ally Production Fze
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