Jan 14, 2010

Faith-based communities unite to save Toronto neighbourhood food bank

A recent HungerCount study conducted by Food Banks Canada reported an alarming 20 per cent increase in the number of Canadians turning to food banks in the past year. Weighed down by the recession, the institutions are struggling to meet increased demand across the country as food and cash donations become scarce.

For years, the Flemingdon Food Bank, located in the Don Mills area of Toronto, had served over 2 000 individuals of many faiths and cultures every month. But a few months ago, when it found itself on the verge of having to close down, various faith-based groups stepped-in to offer their collective support to the troubled community institution.

Eager to give back to a community in which the Jamat has established deep roots over the past three decades, the Ismaili Muslim community joined with the Islamic Society of Toronto as well as the Presbyterian, Anglican and United Church communities to assist the Flemingdon Food Bank. Community leaders began by relocating it to a more suitable premises, before turning their attention to boosting its supply stock. Setting a goal of raising 6 000 pounds of food, the group launched a Ramadan food drive.

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